What to ask for when you’re buying food from the ocean

I don’t know about you, but I prefer purchasing milk that doesn’t contain deadly bacteria. You too? Fortunately for us, Louis Pasteur came along. Thanks to his eponymous process, we have a vocabulary term that means “don’t worry, there…

The insight Quibi didn’t capitalize on that another company eventually will

When a big ambitious venture fails, there’s an inevitable crush of outside voices eager to prove their hindsight is even sharper than 20/20.

Personally I thought Quibi’s post announcing its decision to wind things up was refreshingly forthright —…

What alternative proteins can teach us about selling earth-friendly choices

What do you think about the new product I’m working on? Hugh Jackman Glue TM. This glue is tough. Tough like your favorite Marvel superhero. And it sticks together for a long time, just like Hugh and his lovely wife.

I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself…

Advertising’s depiction of a primeval utopia says a lot about our relationship with the environment

In a prior article I discussed myths, and how they serve as powerful forces to shape human behavior. …

What feelings can do that facts can’t in helping us to create a better world.

Being a human never came with a guarantee for an easy life.

Every day could mean a new sabertooth in the cave, a new pest in the fields, a new enemy at the gates. Our…

Topher Burns

Brand strategist writing about how companies impact culture. Fascinated by stories that explore our relationship with nature.

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